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Carpet Steam Cleaning


Upholstery Steam Cleaning

At Graychon Property Management our Carpet Steam Cleaning & Upholstery Steam Cleaning is second to none.

Our thorough and reliable staff tailor the cleaning to your requirements to give you back your precious time with your family and friends. When life has become as busy as it has, let Graychon take the worry of the hard cleans and tedious chores.

Professional Carpet Steam Cleaning

Graychon offers a professional service to assist in your Carpets not only looking great but are hygienically clean as well. We specialise in cleaning Commercial and Domestic Carpet Steam Cleaning as well as Upholstery, Drapes, Mattresses and Tile & Grout Steam Cleaning.

Our Carpet Cleaning Services are carried out by Professionals who are fully trained, reliable and appreciate the value of your carpet to your home or business. We believe in providing our clients with not only value for money but a thorough clean that not only looks good but feels great!

As we all know Carpets are one of the most expensive items in the home or business and having them professionally cleaned on a regular basis should increase the life of your carpet and save you money.

Providing our clients with a deep and thorough clean is all about using the right tools for the job. Carpet can often be difficult to freshen up, because the fibres of the fabric absorb water and dirt easily. With a huge build-up of soil and spills over time – especially in high traffic areas – it can become quite challenging. That’s why we only use the best carpet cleaning equipment, because we know that quality matters.

We only use Commercial Grade Products and Quality Equipment cleaning to the National Australian Standards. Hot water extraction removes 99% of the water resulting in faster drying times. We always recommend good ventilation to ensure the best results.

We offer professional Carpet Steam Cleaning including carpet sanitation and deodorising, carpet stain removal (we cannot always guarantee a stain can be removed).

  • Vacuumed
  • Deodorised
  • Stains Treated
  • Sanitised
  • Hot Extraction
  • Dry within hours

Why should you have your carpet steam cleaning services on a regular basis?

Often, we don’t realise; how much our carpets tolerate throughout the time. Pampering carpets are essential because they simply add more value to the house and keep our kids’ play-time healthy. Thus, clean your carpet on a regular basis because,…

  • Dirty carpets mean, permanent home of bacteria & germs that can ruin the happy home atmosphere by spreading diseases.
  • Dirty carpets can lose lustre, softness, and shininess.
  • If you ignore the stains now, it will become more difficult to remove in future. In some instances, they are permanent.
  • Carpets get dirty and it’s a necessity to complete thorough cleaning regularly, a minimum of every 12 months
  • Over time carpet consist and have a build-up of allergens, dust mites, pollutants, bacteria, and virus which can be a reason for bad health.
  • If you don’t keep the carpet clean on a regular basis, it will lose that charm very soon.

Tile & Grout Clean

$ 149
  • The minimum price for tile and grout cleaning service is $149
  • Price per square metre varies between $4.50 – $12.00 depending on the condition and size of the tiles.
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Quality Carpet and Rug Cleaning Service in Melbourne

Say goodbye to those hard-to-clean stains and dirty spots. Graychon Carpet Cleaning  is here to provide you with top-notch carpet, rug, and mat cleaning. 

We use advanced equipment and techniques to ensure that your soft flooring is properly taken care of.

Graychon Cleaners in Melbourne use a special treatment that will return the life to your carpeting.

What does the Carpet Cleaning Service Include:

To provide you with the best carpet and rug cleaning service, we have a cleaning process that we follow.

Our Professional Carpet Cleaning Process

  1. Pre-inspection of the carpet.
  2. Moving of light furniture and other items obstructing our ability to provide an optimal clean (within reason).
  3. Deep vacuuming.
  4. Pre-treatment of any stains, dirty patches, and high traffic areas.
  5. Rinsing and extracting of approximately 95% of the moisture with all the dirt that is left.
  6. Deodorising of cleaned areas (additional service).
  7. An average drying time of about 3-6 hours, depending on carpet material and room ventilation.
  8. We recommend the application of a stain protection solution in addition.

Scotchgard Fabric Protection for Your Carpets and Rugs

Scotchgard is a special spray that we put on top of the clean carpets in order to preserve them from any future stains or spills. If you accidentally spill something, the protector will keep it from getting inside the fibres of the material. Saving you a lot of money from future cleans.

Benefits that Scotchgard provides

  • Protects the carpet from oil and water stains
  • Adds an invisible protective layer, that provides you with enough time to blot up the spills before they can get into the fibres.
  • Improves vacuuming. Dirt is significantly easier to be picked-up after Scotchgard has been applied.

Our Carpet Steam Cleaning Method

This is the best and most effective method to remove heavy stains. The professional carpet cleaner will pressure-inject a cleaning solution into the base of the fibres, then extract it, pulling out all the pollutants out of it.

Steam cleaning is a proven method which effectively rids your carpets of stains, leaving them with that “like-new” look. Rest assured, your carpets will be treated with effective cleaning solutions, capable of dealing with any stain.

If you wish to book a full anti-allergen treatment for your home, you can combine the carpet cleaning service with our upholstery cleaning. You’ll even get an exclusive discount for the package!

Why book Graychon Professional Carpet Cleaning:

  • Removes spots and stains.
  • Extends the lifespan of carpeting.
  • Makes carpets easier to maintain.
  • Prevents the buildup of allergens and bacteria.
  • Enhances the appearance of any room.
  • Protects indoor air quality.

The carpet cleaning service is easy to combine with other services. We offer special packages and discounts. Check out our carpet cleaning prices.

If your soft flooring requires professional cleaning, wait no longer. If your soft flooring requires professional cleaning, wait no longer. Simply contact us or fill in our online booking form!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long does a carpet take to dry?

A: It usually takes between 3-6 hours, depending on the weather, the thickness of the carpet, material, ventilation and temperature in the room. You can speed up the process by leaving your windows open or turn on the AC.

Q: When can I walk on the carpets?
A: Straight after the service, you can walk barefoot or wear overshoes (protective shoes).

Q: How often should I have my carpets professionally cleaned?
A: We recommend to have your carpets professionally cleaned once every 6-12 months for a regular household carpet.

Q: Is there going to be wet smell after the carpet steam cleaning?
A: There shouldn’t be any wet smell. However, if there’s any, it means that the carpet was wet for too long. Whenever a carpet has been professionally cleaned you need to open the windows to improve ventilation or turn on the AC system.


Professional Upholstery and Leather Cleaning in Melbourne

No more stubborn stains!
We will return the brand new look of your couch.

Why is the Upholstery Cleaning important?

Time really leaves a mark on your furniture. If not maintained properly, your sofas, couches, cushions and upholstered chairs will suffer relentless oxidation and discolouration. Our recognised upholstery cleaning service, on the other hand, fully cleans your furniture and gives its original look back. It also prolongs your furniture’s lifespan and more importantly – removes the buildup of potentially health-threatening substances.
With the set of special upholstery cleaning solutions & equipment along with our tested methods, you’ll definitely be happy with the results.

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Benefits Of Booking Graychon”s Upholstery Cleaning

  • We use the most advanced cleaning method on the market – HWE (Hot Water Extraction)
  • Receive free stain pre-treatment
  • We offer great discounts when booked with other services
  • Additional services – Fabric Protection, Deodorizing and Sanitizing of the Upholstery

The fully vetted technicians have both the right tools and experience to do the highest-quality job. We provide a rich variety of furniture and upholstery cleaning services. Take advantage of:

  • Regular Upholstery Cleaning
  • Leather Cleaning
  • Curtain Cleaning
  • Mattress Cleaning

How Is The Professional Upholstery Cleaning Performed?

To start off, the cleaner will closely inspect and define the material of the upholstery.
Followed by pre-vacuuming, pre-spraying to lose up the dirty patches, and pre-treatment of any stains and dirty patches.
Afterwards, using the hot water extraction method, the professional cleaner will pressure inject a harmless, yet powerful detergent into the fabric. Then pull it out along with all the dirt and grime.
This returns the original color of the upholstery and leaves it fresh for an extended period of time.
The average drying time is from 6 to 8 hours, depending on the material, temperature and room ventilation.
We recommend the application of Scotchgard protector.
Note: The fabric protector is applied only if requested and is available at an additional cost.

Our Leather Sofa Cleaning Process:

  • The experienced technician will vacuum the leather upholstery.
  • Then spay the special leather cleaner and thoroughly wipe and clean the item.
  • After that he will apply conditioner to nourish the leather and make it smooth, and shiny again.

Scotchgard protection is not applied on leather materials.

The Upholstery Cleaners are available 7 days per week. Extra charge on weekends and bank holidays!
Special discounts are available when booked with other services!
Contact us now for a free quote or more information about the service.


Q: Why should I have my upholstery/mattress/curtains cleaned on a regular basis?
A: To keep them free from germs and bacteria, and to smell nice. Also if you are having them cleaned at least once a year that would prolong their life and they would look better.

Q: When can I use my mattress/upholstery after the service?
A: It will need approximately 4-6 hours to get dry completely. You can turn the AC on or open the windows to help with ventilation.

Q: Can you apply fabric protector on my sofa?
A: Yes, we can. Feel free to request a quote from our operator or the technician on site.

Q: Will my floors be safe while performing the service?
A: We always take safety measures. Our Cleaners are trained and know how to take precautions and avoid damages of floors or other surfaces.

At Graychon Property Management we pride ourselves in the quality of our work and are dedicated to providing 100% customer satisfaction. All Graychon staff have a Police Check and we have full Public Liability Insurance.


Thearesa Grande
Thearesa Grande
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Theresa Grande recommends Graychon Property Management. about 7 months ago · Had a vacate clean completed, great communication, competitive pricing, punctual and excellent work. Thank you
Rachel Radford
Rachel Radford
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Rachel Radford recommends Graychon Property Management. about 12 months ago · They have been amazing helping us with cleaning and yard services under NDIS
Robert Garritty
Robert Garritty
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Robert Garritty recommends Graychon Property Management. about 2 years ago · Fantastic service, quality and reliable. They clean all my homes and would never use anyone else
 Jenny Denny
Jenny Denny
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Jenny Denny recommends Graychon Property Management. about 5 years ago · Great service reliably turned up on time and did a brilliant job of cleaning and organising for the carpets to be steamed cleaned too.Really good value and money well spent to have that taken care of after 2 hectic days of moving house.Thanks so much Chontal
Tundra Van Wijngaarden
Tundra Van Wijngaarden
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Tundra Van Wijngaarden recommends Graychon Property Management. about 4 years ago · Two weeks ago I had another company come out and do a terrible job. I was slightly angry and wasn't sure I wanted to have someone else do it. After having Chontel come out and quote. I felt a lot more comfortable. Have just got home tonight to a beautiful clean house that even my nine year old told me looked better then when the last company came out.Massive thanks to Chontel and her crew. Would recommend to anyone.

Our Quality Assurance

  • On time, every time!
  • Our reliable and dedicated staff provide a highly skilled professional service.
  • Our experienced and professional cleaners service a diverse property range.
  • Domestic 
  • Businesses
  • Offices
  • Hotels
  • Short Term Accommodation
  • Bed and Breakfasts
  • Schools
  • Display Homes
  • Builders Cleans
  • Vacate Cleans
  • Window Cleaning
  • Oven Cleaning
  • Carpet Steam Cleaning/Upholstery,Drapes/Cars Ect:
  • And even your Fridge or Microwave
  • We’ve even been known to clean wheelie bins, driveways, the list goes on.
  • Our friendly staff are equipped with everything required to leave your property sparkling clean. 
  • Almost all products are highest quality commercial grade equipment and products.

All staff are Police Checked and our full Public Liability Insurance of $20 million dollars has everything covered for your safety, security and peace of mind. Our value for money services are prompt, reliable, professional and produce quality results. We are happy to provide an accurate no obligation free quote at your home or place of business!

Let Graychon Property Management prepare your Pre-Sale/End of Lease/Vacate Clean for you.

​A professional clean is crucial to help secure the best possible market value for your home or business, or refund of your bond and untarnished rental history. So why not leave it in the hands of Graychon the caring professionals? There’s enough to worry about with relocating as it is, making sure everything is packed, removalists booked, utilities organised, change of address, the list goes on! What a Graychon Property Management Service provides accommodates for Real Estate Agents who are becoming more vigilant with how a property is handed over.

Tile & Grout Clean

$ 149
  • The minimum price for tile and grout cleaning service is $149
  • Price per square metre varies between $4.50 – $12.00 depending on the condition and size of the tiles.
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